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n. (plural of blowfly English)

Usage examples of "blowflies".

Partly because there was a gang of ragged, slovenly sec men hanging around its front, like blowflies hovering over a haunch of rotting horse meat.

Teal purchased from him a box of deadly blowflies and maggots, along with a hive full of wasps, and followed Justice Healey from the courthouse to Wide Oaks, where he watched the judge say good-bye to his family.

Smoky fires of dried grass and dung were more for keeping away blowflies that laid eggs in fresh meat, making it rot.

Most blowflies, bluebottle flies and flesh flies buzz around the world looking for garbage - although some go in for rather more exotic fare, like parasitizing snails or earthworms!

The most recent was still covered in blowflies, the stench enough to make Doc gag.

The presence of some kind of material, perhaps cheesecloth found on the blowflies wings suggests that the victim was covered for a period of time.

She used a phrase that means something like thick as blowflies on horse shit.

Winged locomotives, their bellies fattened with the eggs of white-hot death, floated like maddened blowflies above a corpse-white city.

The only clue to its presence was the cloud of blowflies that rose humming into the air from their luxurious feeding.

These were common blowflies, common macellaria maggots such as you are familiar with, Dr.