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vb. (context archaic English) (en-third-person singular of: blow)

Usage examples of "bloweth".

What should I tellen of the royalty Of this marriage, or which course goes beforn, Who bloweth in a trump or in an horn?

He is the wind that bloweth as it listeth-- because it is without an aim or always with a new one.

I will lay down my life--I will blow it from me as the wind bloweth the cotton flower.

What sholde I tellen of the roialtee At mariages, or which cours goth biforn, Who bloweth in the trumpe, or in an horn?

Then the lady began to sing, and her wheel spun an accompaniment to her song, and the music of the wheel was like the music of an Aeolian harp blown upon by the wind that bloweth where it listeth.