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n. (plural of blower English)


Blowers is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Andrew Blowers (born 1975), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Bruce G. Blowers, American singer-songwriter
  • John G. Blowers, Jr. (1911–2006), American drummer
  • Mike Blowers (born 1965), American baseball player
  • Sampson Salter Blowers (1742–1842), American lawyer
  • Sean Blowers (born 1961), English actor
  • Blowers, nickname of Henry Blofeld (born 1939), British sports journalist

Usage examples of "blowers".

It seemed to me that I had spent my whole life being other people, safe blowers, fraudsmen, a few rather gentle murderers.

There was the whine of the blowers as she dried off, and then she ran through the hot room on her way back into the solarium.

Criminals often use brooms or even leaf blowers to destroy or confuse the evidence at crime scenes.