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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blowen \Blow"en\, Blowess \Blow"ess\, n. A prostitute; a courtesan; a strumpet. [Low]


n. (context obsolete vulgar English) A prostitute; a courtesan.

Usage examples of "blowen".

F Irebrand of hell first tynd in Phlegeton,By thousand furies, and from thence out throwenInto this world, to worke confusion,And set it all on fire by force vnknowen,Is wicked discord, whose small sparkes once blowenNone but a God or godlike man can slake.

And certes it hath oftentimes bene seene,That of the like, whose linage was vnknowne,More braue and noble knights haue raysed beene,As their victorious deedes haue often showen,Being with fame through many Nations blowen,Then those, which haue bene dandled in the lap.

I kepe noght of armes for to yelpe, Ne I ne axe nat tomorwe to have victorie, Ne renoun in this cas, ne veyne glorie Of pris of armes blowen up and doun, But I wolde have fully possessioun Of Emelye, and dye in thy servyse.

Yemen on foote and communes many oon, With shorte staves thikke as they may goon, Pypes, trompes, nakerers, clariounes, That in the bataille blowen blody sounes.