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vb. (context dialect English) (en-past of: blow)

Usage examples of "blowed".

The flute says he'll be blowed if he plays any more, and they're getting precious noisy in front.

He was right on the top of the water and blowing hard, and every time he blowed the blood went twenty feet into the air.

He stayed where he was to, a dozen dory lengths from I, and I could see there was a hole blowed into his back big enough to drop a puncheon into.

Every time the whale in the Pond come up to blow, the one outside blowed too.

Then Coach Fellers blowed a whistle, what like to make me leap outta my skin an everbody started jumpin around to get exercise.

I do remember that it blowed the roof off the mess hall an blowed all the winders out an the doors too.

But somehow it blowed both our clothes off, cept for the big chef's hat I was wearin at the time.

An it blowed stew all over us, so's we looked like—well, I don't know what we looked like—but man, it was strange.

But I am confined to quarters that Saturday, as I have been ever weekend since the stew blowed up and that's nearly a year.

But it were nearly worse than the foxholes, account of one of the bombs has hit the latrine an blowed up about five hundrit pounds of officer shit all over the area.

They blowed up one of our heliocopters in the air, an it was a dreadful sight, people set on fire an all, an nothin we could do.

He says we has got to move the machine gun about fifty meters aroun to the lef of a big ole tree stickin up in the middle of the saddle, an fine a good safe place to put it so's we is not all blowed away.

It blowed up fore it hit the groun an they is all sorts of wild chatterin from where the gooks is—then Bones open up with the machine gun an me an the two other guys heave in a couple more han grenades for good measure.

I feed one in for him, but just as he bout to sqeeze the trigger, a gook bullet hit him square in the head an blowed it inside out.

So I reach down to pick him up an bring him back, too, but when I do, his brains fall out on the paddy groun, cause the back of his head blowed off.