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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blow-out \Blow"-out`\, n. The cleaning of the flues of a boiler from scale, etc., by a blast of steam.


n. (alternative spelling of blowout English)

Usage examples of "blow-out".

I'm going to have such a blow-out and booze-up when I get off this planet - if I get off this planet.

Gnashing its teeth, it bit the first three policemen out of the Panda car before they could get back into it, then the gatepost, broke a tooth on the Colonel's Humber, sank its fangs into the police car's front radial tyre to such effect that it was knocked off its own feet by the blow-out while simultaneously rendering their escape impossible, and went snarling off into the night in search of fresh victims.

The trip to the man's house had included a blow-out, running out of gas, a traffic jam with a military column.

Bond told a story of a blow-out on his way from Sarasota to Silver Springs.

Take my word for it, Anak, it was a blow-out memorable in Trampdom to this day.