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a. Resembling or characteristic of a blouse

Usage examples of "blousy".

She wore some sort of drapey, blousy number of the same color that looked like it had been slept in for a couple of weeks, and a shit-colored jacket that hung to her knees.

His uniform of the day: boots, black leather pants and a black, blousy Parachute shirt, every button of which his gut tested.

She wore wide-legged pants, killer heels, and a blousy shirt with a faint sheen, all in cream.

The prevailing fashion of blousy dresses came to our aid, so that her thickening waistline and abdominal bulge were fashionably concealed.

Not only did it resemble his own sweet look that she must have borrowed from him, he was looking right down into the front of her undertunic and blousy over-tunic.

A plump woman in white shorts and a blousy pink T-shirt, hoops of gold dangling from her earlobes, leaned over to whisper to her companion, a black woman with hair so short it could not have been more than half an inch long.

He dressed in chinos and a blousy Hawaiian shirt, which he wore over his pants in order to be as unhampered as possible by his clothing.

She was wearing baggy culottes and pink Reebok tennis shoes and a blousy top that was tied off beneath her breasts so that her belly was bare.

He was wearing a blousy white tuxedo shirt, black jeans, and black leather jump boots.

I knew it well enough to abandon all my tight-fitting clothing and wear only the looser, blousier clothes.

He was dressed as Hakim would be: shirtless, a blousy pair of pants belted tightly to his waist, the cuffs tucked into the lacing of his sandals.

As usual, he was dressed only in sandals and a blousy pair of pantaloons, his throwing knives strapped to his right hip, a shortsword belted to his left.