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n. (plural of blouse English)

Usage examples of "blouses".

She wore cabled wool sweaters and cotton blouses with rounded collars--but they always seemed too thin and sheer, so if she took her sweater off anybody could look right through and see the outline of her bra with its thick rubbery back and wide straps.

The girls wore green and red plaid Christmas jumpers, white blouses with lace collars, white tights and round-toed patent leather shoes, and their hair was curled and tied or braided or drawn up into pigtails or twisted into buns.

The latter usually wore blouses, instead of dress coats, and as a rule their clothing had not been renewed since the opening, of the campaignand it showed this.

Large numbers of workmen, in their blouses, were there, leaning upon the railings.

Larochejaquelein crossed the Place de la Concorde, surrounded by a hundred men in blouses, who followed him in silence, and with an air of curiosity.

The Representatives and those present, amongst whom were several men in blouses, remained standing, forming in front of Baudin and myself a sort of square, backed by the two walls of the room opposite to us.

The inhabitants, amongst whom I noticed numerous workmen in blouses, were talking together at their doors, and watching the proceedings.

At this moment some men in blouses, those whom the Second of December had enlisted, appeared at the corner of the Rue Ste.

And when Annie insisted on her having more stylish blouses to suit her age, she submitted.

Piled on top were silky undergarments, nightgowns, blouses delicately embroidered with fine intricate lace, and skirts-skirts of black, gray, forest green, and beige.