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n. (plural of blotter English)

Usage examples of "blotters".

Trailing snow over the gleaming hardwood floor, they ripped off their stiff frozen gloves and began to examine the pamphlets and blotters that were stacked in piles on the long table.

         Prior to the Bass Lake Run all the outlaws' publicity had been after the fact, lurid tales from police blotters, victims and bystanders.

These are routine offenses, generally appearing on police blotters as "vag lewd.

These are routine offenses, generally appearing on police blotters as vag lewd.

Got in, and found the window open and the guy in the room in a condition that'll require blotters to get up the remains.

He has a wife and two kids, and lives the kind of quiet, careful life that keeps his name out of newspapers, social circles, police blotters.

Dr Savage's bequest had been somewhat liberally interpreted, for an inkwell, a pen tray, two letter files, two paperweights, a small bust of Homer, a packet of blotters and an air-cushion which had been in the swivel chair were gone, as well.

However, at the conclusion of their efforts, it was thought safer to drop the cat out of the window before anybody came, and, after some hasty work with blotters, the desk was moved to cover certain sections of the rug, and the two boys repaired to the bathroom for hot water and soap.

The smooth, broad top of the bench was almost covered with neat stacks of paper, most of them blank sheets, with little pots of ink in a rich variety of colors, with other containers of glue and paste, two racks of pens and pencils, blotters and envelopes of various sizes, and an assortment of rubber stamps.