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n. The situation of having blotches; blotchiness. vb. (present participle of blotch English)

Usage examples of "blotching".

Tears started in her eyes, further blotching the black smudged make-up that surrounded them.

Day after day he struggled, blotching and scratching along until the sheer frustration of it all made him cry.

He had a face full of pimples, too, that would, with time, scar and leave dark marks much like the blotching on a toad's skin.

You would have to hide here as I am, watching your husband's sister hold your dress up to her chin and begin to cry blotching the beautiful silk all down the front with her tears.

His face was pebbled with perspiration and blotching with anger, dread, and despair.

She saw perspiration on his face and in dark blotchings on his light blue singlesuit.