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n. The state or condition of being blotchy.

Usage examples of "blotchiness".

It was that blotchiness of texture about the sky which I had observed as we ascended, and attributed to some defect of the goggles.

This idea was borne out by an odd blotchiness, for sometimes there would be half a mile or more of seeming moorland, then a sharply defined change (or it seemed sharply defined from that bird's-eye point of view).

Nothing could obscure her cheekbones, but makeup subtly denied the obvious beauty, masking the flawless skin with vague blotchiness.

Because her complexion was further wrecked by blotchiness in the extreme cold, and because her excessive smoking had ill-influenced her circulation, a weekend of winter skiing in New England-even to forward the cause of her competition for her son's affection-did not favor either Mrs.

The leaf juice stains were darkening into an olive green blotchiness, which added camouflage to the covering of the scent.