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n. (plural of blotch English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: blotch)

Usage examples of "blotches".

The landscape had showed crimson and gray on the ground-screen, the woods mottled, the hills had been blotches and black holes.

The species of shroud that was wrapped around him had fallen below his loins, and his shoulders and chest and lean arms were hidden under blotches of scaly pustules.

Splashes and blotches of blood were on their white skin, on the bed-clothes, on the floor, and on an ivory Christ which hung in the alcove.

The red blotches on his forehead and cheeks made his face seem chapped.

Absently, Nylan corked the water bottle, bent and set it on the dusty ground that had been a meadow, and pushed his senses to the south, well behindhand beyond the white and red blotches that represented the slow-advancing Cyadoran forces.

He dried his hands on his trousers, ignoring the red blotches on his fingers.