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n. (obsolete spelling of blossom English)

Usage examples of "blossome".

All which my daies I haue not lewdly spent,Nor spilt the blossome of my tender yearesIn ydlesse, but as was conuenient,Haue trayned bene with many noble feresIn gentle thewes, and such like seemely leres.

Vpon the top of all his loftie crest,A bunch of haires discolourd diuersly,With sprincled pearle, and gold full richly drest,Did shake, and seem'd to daunce for iollity,Like to an Almond tree ymounted hyeOn top of greene Selinis all alone,With blossomes braue bedecked daintily.

It was a chosen plot of fertile land,Emongst wide waues set, like a litle nest,As if it had by Natures cunning hand,Bene choisely picked out from all the rest,And laid forth for ensample of the best:No daintie flowre or herbe, that growes on ground,No arboret with painted blossomes drest,And smelling sweet, but there it might be foundTo bud out faire, and her sweet smels throw all around.

There is continuall spring, and haruest thereContinuall, both meeting at one time:For both the boughes doe laughing blossomes beare,And with fresh colours decke the wanton Prime,And eke attonce the heauy trees they clime,Which seeme to labour vnder their fruits lode:The whiles the ioyous birdes make their pastimeEmongst the shadie leaues, their sweet abode,And their true loues without suspition tell abrode.