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Amongst them all growes not a fayrer flowre,Then is the bloosme of comely courtesie,Which though it on a lowly stalke doe bowre,Yet brancheth forth in braue nobilitie,And spreds it selfe through all ciuilitie:Of which though present age doe plenteous seeme,Yet being matcht with plaine Antiquitie,Ye will them all but fayned showes esteeme,Which carry colours faire, that feeble eies misdeeme.

In prime of youthly yeares, when first the flowreOf beauty gan to bud, and bloosme delight,And nature me endu'd with plenteous dowre,Of all her gifts, that pleasde each liuing sight,I was belou'd of many a gentle Knight,And sude and sought with all the seruice dew:Full many a one for me deepe groand and sigh't,And to the dore of death for sorrow drew,Complayning out on me, that would not on them rew.