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vb. (en-third-person singular of: bloop)

Usage examples of "bloops".

Schacht bloops each return up with severe backspin so the balls'll roll back to him and he can serve them back to his guy, also warming up.

This remark not only clearly took Threepio aback, it also inspired a whole series of rather rude-sounding beeps and bloops from Artoo.

Tonight, as most nights, the place is oppressively silent except for torpid electronic bloops from the PCs (most editors favor the tropical aquarium screen-saver option, while the reporters go for intergalactic warfare motifs).

The water bloops and fizzes angrily as air and smoke jet from the interior of the wrecked hull.

But after a few encouraging bloops and beeps and instrument flashes, what I somehow triggered was the autopilot!