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n. (plural of bloom English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: bloom)

Usage examples of "blooms".

In return the Blooms had received bottles of homemade chokecherry wine, a leg of mutton, Hal-loween pumpkins, even hay bales for their two Shetland ponies, Orangutan and Sunflower.

There were the two beehives Onofre Martinez had built and which the one-armed man cared for, supplying the Blooms with honey as a kind of rent.

In favourable seasons its blooms are produced throughout winter, but the full blow comes in April.

I consider the blooms too stiff for cutting, more especially as they face upwards.

April, but when winter has continued open and genial, its blooms are produced as early as the middle of March, and they are in their full beauty in early April.

Its blooms have the quality of keeping clean, doubtless from the smoothness of the florets.

The blooms are large and brilliant in colour, and their shaggy forms give them an effect which is decorative both in the garden and vase.

At this stage a good specimen clump is very attractive, and is only more so when the fine blooms first open.

Under cultivation newly planted roots will be found not only to flower sparingly, but the blooms will be rather small until the plant grows large and strong.

The individual blooms last more than a week, and the succession is well maintained during summer.

Beyond the window, the giant rust-wine blooms of tall bearded Infernos filled the center of an oval bed.

As though thinking of Chester had conjured him up, Tess, watching from the gazebo, saw him stride purposefully through the garden, ignoring the riotous blooms all around him.

Come to me with thy lustrous eye, Golden-dawning oriently, Come with all thy shining blooms, Thy rich red rose and rolling glooms.

Round him the circle of affections blooms, And in some happy nest of home he lives, One name oft uttering in delighted ears, Mother!

And these were the furled, attenuated blooms of winter, born out of due season and nurtured in stoked warmth, like the delicate children of kings, and emanating a faint reluctant scent like the querulous sweet smile of an invalid.