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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloomless \Bloom"less\, a. Without bloom or flowers.


a. Without blooms.

Usage examples of "bloomless".

Helen, having laughed, weeps too, And the other chides her, and she being chid speaks naught, But cheeks and lips and eyelids kisses her Laughing, so fare they, as in their bloomless bud And full of unblown life, the blood of gods.

Maltravers--a charm that might not have existed for others, but was inexpressibly attractive to him, and was so much apart from the vulgar fascination of mere beauty, that it would have equally touched a chord at his heart, if coupled with homely features or a bloomless cheek.

Its bloody scent filled the air as he stood within his rose garden bloomless still, more than a month after Symeons deathfacing off against the hippogriff.

Victoria who had once, long ago, in some bloomless Eden of tradition, become the wife of Virginius?