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Bloomba is an email client publicly announced February 2003 at IDG's DEMO show . It was released in October 2003. Bloomba's developer, Stata Laboratories, Inc. (also the producers of the SAProxy anti spam filter) was purchased by Yahoo in October 2004 , at which time sales of Bloomba were suspended.

In May 2005, Bloomba was licensed to Corel Corporation and re-released as WordPerfect Mail, a component of the WordPerfect Office family. WordPerfect Office is currently the most widely used alternative to Microsoft Office.

Bloomba's primary focus is fast searching of email. According to PC Magazine, it is up to eight times faster than Outlook in searching email. It also earned PC Magazine's highest marks along with Eudora and Outlook.

One of the interesting features is its risk free installation. That is, it states that it can be installed beside an installation of Outlook or Eudora without interfering with the operation of the other email client.

Aside from the fast search, Bloomba appears to be comparable to Outlook or Eudora in its features and functionality.

Bloomba was co-developed by Chennai-based iSoftTech, a software outsourcing firm engaged by Stata Labs.