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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"ruin, smash," 1915, U.S. slang, probably imitative.


a. (context dated slang English) haywire, amiss. interj. (non-gloss definition: Exclamation representing an explosion or abrupt occurrence.)

Usage examples of "blooey".

There was not a doubt in his mind that Blooey and Hambone would give their all to aid him if they thought he was in trouble.

Blooey was trying to save his butternut squash from the predicted freeze that evening.

Blooey was ecstatic with the arrival of two jugs of maple syrup and a bushel of apples, immediately declaring his intention to bake a squash-apple cake with the new ingredients.

He had read all sorts of things in the Sunday papers and elsewhere about the constant strain to which captains of industry are subjected, a strain which sooner or later is only too apt to make the victim go all blooey, and it seemed to him that Mr.

He found half a dozen old-fashioned electric toothbrushes this morning, and he's knocked himself blooey again in the cab of our truck.