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n. (alternative spelling of blood worm English)


n. a segmented marine worm with bright red body; often used for bait

Usage examples of "bloodworm".

The waking world gave birth to bloodworms and barbed rippers and spiked golems in their own organic armor.

The edge bit deep, grotesque-angled fingers fell to the ground like bloodworms crawling, bright ribbons of blood spurted from severed palms.

We had to rebuild part of the wall after the last bloodworm attack, and we were a bit pushed for time.

Daddy said that once he and his crew had to live on nothing but bloodworm stew for over a month because the food processor refused to make anything else.

Ground beef heart and baby brine shrimp mixed up in here with the pickled ginger and sun dried tomatoes, he's got bloodworms and crabmeat and medicines for their parasite bacteria and fungus problems right in with the feta cheese and that Ponentine olive spread that cost God knows how much and what's that on the shelf over the sink, that plastic cup that says cole slaw there's something floating in it, will you throw it out?

Mixed in with them were sahuagin, aboleths, mermen, sea horses, men who were trapped in near-rat bodies or near-wolf bodies with flippers instead of hands, marine trolls, and even the twenty foot mottled green body of a giant bloodworm stretched halfway out of the harbor water.

The mining team had briefly entertained the idea of living in caves after realizing their prefabs had no chance against the tricorns, but the bloodworms had ended that hope.