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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ One of the processes of digestion is to reduce food to a substance which can be absorbed in the bloodstream as sugar.
▪ It is not absorbed into the bloodstream, nor does it influence hormone levels, the company says.
▪ This process can speed up metabolism when digestion products are absorbed into the bloodstream.
▪ Through infected blood and blood products entering the bloodstream.
▪ The final question was whether the virus entered the bloodstream before it attacked nerve cells.
▪ The virus is most effectively passed on through blood or semen, and has to enter the bloodstream to become established.
▪ The bacteria can enter the bloodstream, but are usually quickly destroyed when antibodies and the immune system function properly.
▪ First of all, as many people know, food can affect the rate at which alcohol enters the bloodstream.
▪ The heart needs a constant good supply of oxygen which it gets from the bloodstream.
▪ Snake venom is usually clear yellow and is dangerous only if it gets into the bloodstream.
▪ As the bourbon flowed into my bloodstream, I began to warm to the occasion.
▪ Because the drugs circulate around your body through your bloodstream, they affect all your cells.
▪ I follow the light energy through my muscles, my bloodstream, renovating every cell.
▪ It is one of several hormones that hit peak levels in the bloodstream in early adulthood and then decline steadily.
▪ It spreads quickly once inside the victim and is soon being circulated in the bloodstream.
▪ The virus disappeared from their bloodstream, and their depressive symptoms diminished, Ludwig found.
▪ This would constitute direct contact between the bloodstreams of the two people.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also blood-stream, 1847, from blood (n.) + stream (n.).


n. The flow of blood through the circulatory system of an animal


n. the blood flowing through the circulatory system

Bloodstream (song)

"Bloodstream" is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran for his second studio album, × (2014). It was written by Sheeran, Rudimental, and Snow Patrol members – Johnny McDaid and Gary Lightbody. Production was handled by Rick Rubin.

The song was released as an "instant grat" digital download to the iTunes Store on 17 June 2014, serving as the fourth of seven promotional singles from ×. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 81 and rose to number 60.

In December 2014, "Bloodstream" was remixed by Rudimental. This version of the song was released on 29 March 2015 as a joint single between Sheeran and Rudimental, serving as the fourth single from × and the lead single from Rudimental's second studio album, We the Generation (2015). This remix peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Bloodstream (disambiguation)

Bloodstream refers to vascular circulation.

Bloodstream may also refer to

  • "Bloodstream" (song), 2014 song by Ed Sheeran
  • "Bloodstream", song by Stateless from The Bloodstream EP
  • "Bloodstream", song by Canterbury Effect from An Exercise in Humility
  • "Bloodstream", song by Don Agrati

Usage examples of "bloodstream".

An antivitamin is a substance that can prevent the absorption of vitamins into the bloodstream or, worse still, destroy a vitamin once it has been ingested.

The latest research tentatively demonstrates that the level of certain apolipoproteins in your bloodstream predicts your chances of having a heart attack even more accurately than the HDLs do.

Remoteness and exhaustion faded as the bladderwort entered his bloodstream.

Totuus was found in his system, but the NYU neurologists believe he had another compound in his bloodstream that combined with the Totuus to form a neurotoxin specific to the Broca area.

The gas was poisonous as hell, but Chev could breathe it because of self-adjusting antitoxins in his bloodstream.

This is common in large dogs, and if not treated immediately, death results as the toxic gases formed by fermentation are absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream.

These dogs had not been tested since Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, fourteen months ago and it takes as long as one year after initial introduction of the microfilariae into the bloodstream before they become adults and produce the microfilariae in quantities large enough to be detected in microscopic examinations.

It is as if the Emersonian model of Oversoul, of a bloodstream that connects living creatures, were moved out of polite nineteenth-century rhetoric and shown to be the life-saving, corporeal principle it is.

These fats are then dumped into the bloodstream where they cause tissue damage, compromise immunity, and are stored in fat cells.

One of the many factors that influence hunger is the glycemic index, which measures how fast carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars and moved into the bloodstream.

Now that Emily Kochi was in the medirobot, the pain of her hand already blocked, and food and medicines and fluids already flowing into her bloodstream, she was able to tell them more.

Using a combination of laparoscopic techniques, nanotech robotic drones injected into their bloodstreams, and traditional scalpel work, the urgent structural repairs were done in nineteen hours of surgery for Sarah and sixteen for Don.

In the human bloodstream they take a form known as merozoites, which burrow into the red blood cells and reproduce asexually, each one producing 6 to 26 new individuals which burst out to infect new blood cells on a cycle that repeats every forty-eight hours.

The microcircuitry inside the slender needlelike device ran through its programming, matching both genetic information and the automutating radioactive tracers that had been injected into his bloodstream.

The preborn has used the attachment tentacle on its wrist to connect itself to your bloodstream and nervous system.