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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As for insurance, the market for horses is dominated by nine main companies with an estimated bloodstock trade of £400 million.
▪ But with the current depressed state of bloodstock trading there was little prospect of any records being broken.
▪ By slow degrees, the world of the bloodstock sales lost the best part of its consuming interest for Dada.
▪ Horse racing's decline was deepened by last year's collapse in bloodstock values.
▪ Last year Sangster sold his Vernons Pools empire for £90m in order to concentrate on his bloodstock interests.
▪ Looking after Sheikh al Hassan's bloodstock interests.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

bloodstock \bloodstock\ n. thoroughbred horses (collectively).


n. 1 (context uncountable English) thoroughbred animals in general, but especially horses. 2 (context countable English) The breeding line of a thoroughbred horse or other animal.


n. thoroughbred horses (collectively)


Bloodstock may refer to:

  • Bloodstock Open Air, a heavy metal music festival held in England
  • Foundation bloodstock, animals that are the foundation of a breed or bloodline
  • Thoroughbred horses

Usage examples of "bloodstock".

They stood with hunched shoulders, coat collars turned up, hands in pockets, the usual collection of bloodstock agents, racehorse trainers, breeders, and hopeful would-be purchasers all out on the same trail of winners and loot.

She had been recommended to me, and me to her, by a mutual American acquaintance, a bloodstock agent called Pauli Teksa, and until two days earlier I had not known of her existence.

Nothing like bloodstock dealing for encouraging an expression to make poker players look indiscreet.

Ascot Sales catalogue for the following day but there was still nothing suitable, and finally with a sigh I offered my custom to a bloodstock dealer called Ronnie North, who said he knew of a possible horse that he could get if I would play ball.

England for the Newmarket Yearling Sales, a bloodstock agent on a large scale in the States keeping tabs on the worldwide scene.

At ground level round the outside, under the higher rows of seating, were small offices rented by various bloodstock agents.

No one who wanted to buy liked to show eagerness by making the first bid, but on the other hand no astute bloodstock dealer ever told another which horse he was after.

He looked round the ranks of bloodstock agents and took note of the shuttered impassive faces.

Italy, and especially America are all at it in the bloodstock business hammer and tongs.

Ursula Young had become a familiar acquaintance, and it was from this brisk well-informed lady bloodstock agent that I learned most about Ian Pargetter and his death.

Californian bloodstock agent: he regularly sold the horses shipped by Larry Trent and paid the proceeds as instructed into three bank accounts in the name of Stewart Naylor.

As the exclusive auctioneers of the finest bloodstock in London, it attracted the gentlemen of the ton the way candy attracted children.

I've got a dozen cubes to review—ordered them from bloodstock agents—and then we'll go take a look.

They were both killed by Giles because they had just found out he had embezzled all the capital and the bloodstock business was bankrupt.

Day after tomorrow, some guy from the bloodstock registry office is going out.