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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There were bloodstains on the floor.
▪ And they still drag out those photographs I took of the splashes and use them to illustrate lectures on bloodstains.
▪ At any rate, the boat was scuttled, and there were stains on it that they thought were bloodstains.
▪ I choose to believe he was merely a slob rather than inefficient enough to walk around with bloodstains from his last victim.
▪ I know where the body was lying, because we found bloodstains.
▪ The cave was empty and no bloodstains could be seen anywhere.
▪ The text said that the stains were believed to be bloodstains, not that they were.
▪ There is no indication that Hollywood is turning over a new leaf, free of bloodstains.
▪ Who will dream my face as white as wedding sheets, my lips vague as laundered bloodstains?

n. A spot or area that has been discolored by having absorbed blood.


n. a discoloration caused by blood


Bloodstain or blood stain may refer to:

  • Blood residue, common bloodstains
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis, one of several specialties in the field of forensic science
  • "Bloodstain," a song by UNKLE from the 1998 album Psyence Fiction
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, an upcoming video game

Usage examples of "bloodstain".

But overall I agree with Lip that there is less sign of struggle than I have seen on other occasions, particularly if you ignore the bloodstain worked into the fiber of the flokati rug so that it has the shape of a large soft cloud.

Splashed over the walls were two enormous bloodstains, two or three pints of blood per stain, dried onto the plaster.

Elizabeth was right, those certainly looked like bloodstains on his lips and chin and cheeks.

They took his clothing and examined it for bloodstains and other clues.

Shall we spread a dropcloth or do you think bloodstains will come out of the carpet?

Upstairs, in a suite on the 11th floor, forensic experts hunted for bullet fragments and measured the bloodstains on the carpet.

She folded it neatly, taking care not to touch the dried bloodstain, and then made a quick decision.

Should she tell him about the bloodstain that had disappeared from the sheet?

I use the knife to twist his face away from me: a bloodstain on this livery could be fatal, on my way out.

Parmenion swung away from the centaur to see Chiron moving carefully across the clearing, avoiding the bloodstains on the earth.

He went downstairs, and by the time he reached the kitchen, Colleen was emerging from the laundry room, the dazed expression on her face revealing that she hadn't found another sheet with a bloodstain on it.

It had a slight permanent bloodstaining in the ceramic, and a worn checkered grip, but its serrated teeth were every bit as sharp as freshly broken glass.

Under "Remarks", Southwick had listed the morning's activities - "Ship's company employed dirtying decks, making bloodstains, taking the shine off brasswork.

An armed robbery-homicide suspect named Raymond Douglas Nash was renting a garage down the street--the place was checked for prints and bloodstains.

Bloodstains dropped on the pavement from the bathing dress hanging above, and being a red bathing dress, of course, the criminals themselves did not realize it was bloodstained.