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n. (plural of bloodspot English)

Usage examples of "bloodspots".

He began to have fits of coughing that drained him of any strength he had left, and bloodspots speckled his palm when he took his hand away from his mouth.

Niall had to point out the rope still tied to the top of the tree, and to the bloodspots on the wall, before the spider was convinced.

There were dried brown spots all about the white quilting that lined the lower half of the coffin, that had been bloodspots flung about from his flailing, gashed fingertips.

He shifted her slightly, directed her to hang onto his neck with her good arm, and looked around at the pairs of gleaming bloodspots that indicated the positions of the wolves.

The bloodspots in his eyes had faded somewhat, but were still clearly visible.

He would change clothing as soon as he got back to the house—but how could he clear the bloodspots from his soul?