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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
red/bloodshot (=red because you are upset, tired, ill etc)
▪ My mother's eyes were red from crying.
▪ A yellow face, bloodshot eyes, and the feeling of incredible age.
▪ He looked at me suspiciously through bloodshot eyes, then shrugged and let me pass.
▪ He looked unshaven and his eyes were bloodshot.
▪ He spun his web and ran there and here in scummy clothes with bloodshot eyeballs.
▪ Her eyes were bloodshot and confused.
▪ Her face looked grey, and her eyes were still faintly bloodshot.
▪ They went out into the bloodshot Schiaparelli day.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloodshot \Blood"shot`\, a. [Blood + shot, p. p. of shoot to variegate.] Red and inflamed; suffused with blood, or having the vessels turgid with blood, as when the conjunctiva is inflamed or irritated.

His eyes were bloodshot, . . . and his hair disheveled.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also blood-shot, 1550s, short for bloodshotten (c.1500), from blood (n.) + old past participle of shoot.


a. (context of the eyes English) reddened and inflamed because of congested blood vessels


adj. (of an eye) reddened as a result of locally congested blood vessels; inflamed; "bloodshot eyes"

Bloodshot (album)

Bloodshot is the fourth album by American rock band The J. Geils Band, released in 1973 (see 1973 in music). It was the breakthrough release for the band, reaching #10 on the Billboard album charts in North America - a peak that the band would not surpass until their 1981 multi-platinum album Freeze Frame. The single version of "Give it to Me", which had a very different ending from the album version, reached the top 30 on the Hot 100.

Original pressings of Bloodshot were issued using red vinyl instead of the customary black, and utilized matching red 1950's style Atlantic Records labels. The band would continue to use these vintage-style Atlantic labels, in different colors with each album release, throughout their remaining tenure with the label.


Bloodshot may refer to:

  • Red eyes (see conjunctivitis and Red eye)
  • Bloodshot (album), a 1973 album by the J. Geils Band
  • Bloodshot (comics), comic book
  • Bloodshot Records, record label
  • An alternative title to Battle Frenzy, a video game by Domark
  • Condemned 2: Bloodshot, a 2008 video game
  • Blood Shot (novel), a 1988 novel by Sara Paretsky
  • Blood Shot (film)
Bloodshot (comics)

Bloodshot is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in books published by the American publisher Valiant Comics. The character was created in 1992 by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet.

Usage examples of "bloodshot".

Devil told his Chief Executive Officer, Punky Wilkenfeld, a large round man with bloodshot eyes and wobbly knees.

His face looked like a lump of dough with tufts of stubble sticking out of it, his eyes were bloodshot and his strawy hair uncombed.

Pretty soon Padre Sinkovich, who had unearthed enough skeletons to start a mail-order Hal-loween business, was staggering around with bloodshot delirious eyes, furiously booting innumerable bones every which way as the magnificent tintinnabulation somewhere down there literally drove him bananas.

The larch trees with their broken backs, the enormous black sky streaked with fistfuls of congealed fat, the abandoned Poor House that looked like a barn, the great brown dripping box of the Lutheran church bereft of sour souls, bereft of the hymn singers with poke bonnets and sunken and accusing horse faces and dreary choruses, a few weather-beaten cottages unlighted and tight to the dawn and filled, I could see at a glance, with the marvelous dry morality of calico and beans and lard, and then a privy, a blackened pile of tin cans, and even a rooster, a single live rooster strutting in a patch of weeds and losing his broken feathers, clutching his wattles, every moment or two trying to crow into the wind, trying to grub up the head of a worm with one of his snubbed-off claws, cankerous little bloodshot rooster pecking away at the dawn in the empty yard of some dead fisherman .

He noticed, however, that Akut kept always close to him, and was often looking at him with a strange wonder in his little bloodshot eyes, and once he did a thing that Tarzan during all his long years among the apes had never before seen an ape do--he found a particularly tender morsel and handed it to Tarzan.

As his whole body shook his bloodshot eyes continued, beadily, to regard the sorcerer.

Norton, Viscount Bennington, dozing in an armchair before the fire, opened one bloodshot eye to peer at the tall figure leaning negligently at the window.

She saw the same ruin that the bedroom had become as Jacky did, but instead of a bogan gripping her friend, all she saw was a smelly old wino, gap-toothed and unshaven, with bloodshot eyes, baggy trousers, and a white shirt so dirty it was a yellow-brown.

It went drink and he sat grinning stupidly through fat, scaly black le red, the abraen and sun-baked purp lips, his face swoll scab, and leis ions on his cheek covered with a crusty weeping his bloodshot eyes gummed up with dried mucus.

A world where Eleanor had lived for many years but that now looked like an alien planet to her dusty bloodshot eyes, and where she had just been given the tiniest of handholds.

The duke was carried out of the gate of the Vatican: he lay on a bed covered with a scarlet canopy, supported by twelve halberdiers, leaning forward on his cushions so that no one might see his face with its purple lips and bloodshot eyes: beside him was his naked sword, to show that, feeble as he was, he could use it at need: his finest charger, caparisoned in black velvet embroidered with his arms, walked beside the bed, led by a page, so that Caesar could mount in case of surprise or attack: before him and behind, both right and left, marched his army, their arms in rest, but without beating of drums or blowing of trumpets: this gave a sombre, funereal air to the whole procession, which at the gate of the city met Prospero Colonna awaiting it with a considerable band of men.

I have no desire to become an object of attention to the local hopheads and amateur second-storey men, with their bloodshot eyes and twitchy fingers.

Rothan was glaring into space with bloodshot eyes, making little whuffling noises deep in his throat.

James fixed his bloodshot eyes on him, smiled blearily, and spewed a stream of purple-stained vomit in an arc a good three feet long upon Thomass mattress and silken sheets.

Coral said, then turned a bloodshot eye on Sheb, who had been sitting on his piano-bench and leafing through old sheet-music.