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n. (alternative form of blood-red English)

Usage examples of "bloodred".

Rose stirred beside him, her bloodred leathers creaking noisily in the quiet, and it was a sign of how seriously spooked Brett was that he actually found some comfort in her company.

She towered over most of them, an angel of death in her bloodred leathers, crying out with joy at every death stroke.

And then her bloodred leathers creaked as she took him cautiously, gently, into her murderous arms.

With the gloom of the overhead canopy, and the sudden shafts of light breaking through like spotlights in the bloodred ambience, it was like walking through some vast, living cathedral.

The sky was purple now, with bloodred clouds covering the sun, as though to hide the vulnerable sun from the awful thing that was coming.

He glared across the bridge at her, and she gazed calmly back, an angel of death in bloodred leathers.

The bloodred stripe of the Order of the Lion was conspicuous on the piping of their trousers, and though they were dressed in their formal finery, each of the men wore his working weapons and armor of simple, battle-tested steel.

The ring was set with a single gem that somehow changed from a brilliant blue diamond to a bloodred ruby down its seamless center.

Tavi snarled, already throwing the plate the pitcher usually rested upon, but Varg swept it out of the air with casual precision and leapt at Tavi in a blur of fur, fangs, and bloodred eyes.

Cane stepped onto the fallen door and swept its bloodred gaze around the chamber.

The light was bloodred, and the air was thick with the stench of brimstone.

As the seconds passed, a shaft of light slowly rose from the stone, moving higher and higher into the room until it touched and perfectly encircled the stained-glass domed ceiling and bathed it in a beautiful bloodred glow.

She crossed to her easel and picked up her bloodred chalk, beginning to draw before Hal had left the room.

Rosebush, a panel from an ancient fable about a bloodred vine that grew upon the graves of tragically denied lovers.

Both were dressed in impeccably tailored uniforms, bloodred tunic with a stock collar over navy-blue trousers.