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The Collaborative International Dictionary

bloodlust \blood"lust\ n. a desire for bloodshed.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1847 (Bulwer Lytton), also blood-lust, from blood (n.) + lust (n.).


n. 1 A desire for extreme violence and carnage, often aroused in the heat of battle and leading to uncontrolled slaughter and torture. 2 The desire for bloodshed.


n. a desire for bloodshed


Bloodlust or bloodthirstiness refers to a desire to see blood being shed; it usually refers to a desire to see blood being shed in combat.

It can also refer to a literal lust or desire for either the sight or drinking of blood, such as blood fetishism, or for drinking blood in vampire-like behaviour.

Bloodlust may also refer to:

  • Bloodlust!, a 1961 thriller film
  • Bloodlust, the home video title of the 1981 film Docteur Jekyll et les femmes
  • Bloodlust, a 1992 Australian vampire film
  • Bloodlust: Subspecies III, a 1994 horror film
  • Bloodlust (album), a 2005 album by the band Through the Eyes of the Dead
  • Bloodlust, one of two different villains in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Bloodlust Software, a computer game developer founded in 1992, known for developing the 1996 PC fighting game Timeslaughter
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, a 2000 Japanese animated film
  • Bloodlust, a French role-playing game
  • "Bloodlust" (Supernatural), an episode of the television series Supernatural
  • Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water, a 2015 American/British comic book
Bloodlust (album)

Bloodlust is the first studio album by deathcore band Through the Eyes of the Dead. It is also their debut album for Prosthetic Records, and their last to feature Anthony Gunnells on vocals and Jeff Springs on bass. More recently, TTEOTD has released this album on vinyl.

Bloodlust (film)
Bloodlust (roleplaying game)

Bloodlust is a French sword and sorcery role-playing game. It was created by Croc, the G. E. Ranne duo and Stéphane Bura, illustrated by Alberto Varanda, and published by Asmodée Éditions between 1991 and 1997. The covers of almost all the books of the series come from paintings by Frank Frazetta.

A new edition, called “Bloodlust Édition Métal” (Metal Edition Bloodlust), has been published in July 2012 by John Doe.

In this game, player characters are living god-weapons (armes-dieux) with magical powers, and their human bearers. The inspiration of the game comes foremost from Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné series, which relates the saga of prince Elric and his demon sword, Stormbringer. The game also borrows inspiration from Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian. The Helliconia trilogy by Brian Aldiss inspired Bloodlust's three moons, whose phases influence human passions.

Bloodlust (1992 film)

Bloodlust is a 1992 Australian vampire film.

Usage examples of "bloodlust".

The ensuing war destroyed the wormhole through which all arrived, as well as technological civilization, and in the centuries since the Teotl have cultivated Azteca bloodlust and prowess.

Behind Praxtin-Tar was Crinion, waving and shouting, whipping up the bloodlust of his men.

I have fed on bloodlust, greed, and brutality since Otaria was wild and the Mer empire was just another school of intelligent fish.

Likewise true, north and east of them laired the Huns, horsemen, stockbreeders, akin to trolls in their ugliness, filth, and bloodlust.

The invaders seemed impervious to the cold of the high peaks and the rain that fell as the year aged, as if they were some mindless gestalt unlimited by physical considerations or any kind of sentiment save bloodlust.

His bloodlust shatters all the conventional wisdom surrounding the motives and mechanics of how serial killers operate.

Up on the dunes, the kreels and cavalry were locked in combat, clashing claws and swords and screaming in bloodlust.

I surmised, already hearing the specs-rich vocabulary that Carnage used come tumbling out over the tannoy, the killing ring drenched in focused white light, the roaring, surging crowd in the darkened seating, the smell of sweat and bloodlust.

The muscles quivered with the fierce, channeled bloodlust of King-Carus.

The bloodlust in his eyes proclaimed that Arilyn was no longer a prize to be won, but an enemy who must die.

The druid fought to regain control of himself, to quell the bloodlust overtaking his soul.

But they had already broken into at least one taverna, and the unwatered wine in the flasks they were carrying was speedily drowning what reason bloodlust had left them.

The bloodlust between the rival factions in the Balkans is not worth the life of one German or one Russian.

Grimm's eyes were incandescent in the dun light, and Quinn knew he was deep into the bloodlust that accompanied Berserkergang.

The cries echoed into the surrounding wood and resounded in the empty hills `round about: loud, bellowing, bloodlusting cries.