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a. Resembling blood.

Usage examples of "bloodlike".

Save for its size it was complete in every detail, even to the bloodlike spots which glistened as if it had been recently slaughtered.

They moved and promenaded, paused with teardrops of glass holding bloodlike wine, fluttered their fans of peacocks and palm leaves.

The draegloth bit down, and the bloodlike sap splashed over his cheeks.

She sat down, the crimson silk of her dress spilling bloodlike over the white fur.

But when the water got into her mouth, it was very salty, with the bloodlike taste of iron.

Within an hour after its application, the bloodlike spot had come there.

As their leader turned his head, they could see the sparkle of the bloodlike trophy.

The light above the ramp imparted a bloodlike brilliance to the object that Cardona had gained.

There were traces of it everywhere: a bloodlike red smear sliming every surface.