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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloodletter \Blood"let`ter\, n. One who, or that which, lets blood; a phlebotomist.


n. One who performs bloodletting (the removal of blood in the hope of curing illness).

Usage examples of "bloodletter".

It was something no outsider could ever detect, and even a Bloodletter lacked the sensitivity until the Hyarke was near beginning.

Better a controlled cut, unthreatening in the mutual courtesy of the Hyarke, than a Bloodletter desperate for this red inspiration, therefore dangerous in his chaos.

Yet when he gestured first toward the girl and then toward the fallen Bloodletter, his language was universal.

Ebre moved to follow, but the Bloodletter stepped between them, his eyes cold with authority.

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Hafez Assad was Abul-Abbas the Bloodletter, only with Soviet-built T-62 tanks and MiG jet fighters.

Maya named them Bloodletter and Camazotz after their god of fire, Zotzilaha Chamalcan.

Two young Bloodletters had entered the Circle and were rubbing his body with drugged oils which would combat exhaustion and compensate for the overdrive state he had fought in.

They were all coming now, the spectators who were Bloodletters, for the Sharing, while those who were not of that brotherhood hurried to vacate the stadium, reverent of the ritual.

Laun Setwas victorious, and fellow Bloodletters came to rub drugged oils into his body.

Only Bloodletters could come to the Sharing, and only male Darians could do the Hyarke.

I would convince myself that I respected the Bloodletters as true men, because their ritual reeks of barbarism and the Braxana venerate barbarism.

Three of the four quadrants were filled with Bloodletters, coming from all over the planet to witness this unusual Hyarke.

Two of the Bloodletters moved into the circle with the drugged oil that would sustain her life.

Bloodletters and Badmen: A Narrative Encyclopedia of America Criminals from the Pilgrims to the Present.