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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloodlet \Blood"let`\ (bl[u^]d"l[e^]t`), v. t. [AS. bl[=o]dl[=ae]tan; bl[=o]d blood + l[=ae]atan to let.] bleed; to let blood.


vb. (context intransitive English) To bleed; let blood; phlebotomise.

Usage examples of "bloodlet".

British Army has prevented periodic outbursts of bloodletting and will again.

Flynn kept his camera rocketing back and forth, getting as much coverage of the bloodletting as he could.

He led them away from the crowd, past another wooden pole, bleached by the elements and sculpted by human hands and driven into the ground at the very center of the clearing, the axle upon which prisoners of war were once tied and sacrificed in an hours-long ritual of systematic bloodletting because without blood, the visible flow of life nutrients, the things of this world would vanish out of time.

For the benefit of observers, of whom there are many, he kneels a moment, appearing to repeat his sacred Oath, before rising to put on, very carefully, piece by razor-keen piece, his bloodletting suit, till all at last is ready.

Tristan looked back down to see that Failee had completed the bloodletting of the four other sorceresses and was now performing the same ritual on herself.

He comes a from a long line of bloodletting lords, who ruled with the sword-blade and despised any show of compassion, dismissing it as frailty.

I had ordered post-horses to continue our journey, and Daturi of his own authority sent them back and went for a doctor, who pronounced me to be in danger of an apoplectic fit and ordered a copious bloodletting, which restored my calm.

With the addition of an ape jock called Brad Maxi and a revolting goody-goody brother for Kevin called Aaron, The Suburbs amounted to a wickedly cathartic bloodletting against their shared boyhoods.