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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloodily \Blood"i*ly\, adv. In a bloody manner; cruelly; with a disposition to shed blood.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, from bloody + -ly (2).


adv. In a bloody manner.


adv. involving a great bloodshed [ant: bloodlessly]

Usage examples of "bloodily".

And ever the Witches were put aback and lost much ground, yet ever the Lord Corund by his great valiance and noble heart recomforted his folk, so that they gave back very slowly, most bloodily disputing the ground foot by foot to the bridge-gate, that they also might win in again, so many as might.

English Catholic world would be blasted apart by that conspiracy known to history as the Gunpowder Plot, and many Catholics would die bloodily at the hands of the state.

I will not consort with Harpies, asking them to show me the faces of the ones they snatched bloodily away from me.

Lanjack Blackwagon-or rather, the twisting top half of him-crashed down bloodily onto goblins streaming forward beyond that fray, his legs and guts spilling from the jaws of the Devil Dragon as she laughed aloud.

The Senderos had been bloodily uprooted when Protocol Enforcement figured out that they were working in concert with the New Taiping Rebels, a fanatical cult opposed to both the Fists and the Coastal Republic.

If the Bakufu get away with this killing, then there will be no end and we will be forced to withdraw-- until allied battle fleets return to enforce Imperial wills bloodily.

And this was the face, I thought, looking at the prim little bearded visage reproduced without stint on paintings and posters and booklets and cards, who had launched a million murders and left his disciples bloodily empire-building round the world.

In the whole of Christendom there was no people that shared so deeply, so bloodily, in so special a way, in the sufferings of Christ as the Cretans during these decades.

Muskets would be pouring their shot down into the rocky ravine and rockets would be slashing bloodily through the British ranks.

The wooden vehicle shattered into splinters and all five men were hurled to the ground where they jerked bloodily for a few seconds and then were still.

She screamed again as her flesh tore open, and her implants burrowed up out through her skin and fell bloodily to the floor.

Yrmido just in front of the physician flew from his horse, his face bloodily pulped by a morningstar.

The Minotaur pursued, and of course he caught them, each one, and devoured her bloodily, and dragged her pale, defenseless body deeper into the maze.

For the briefest of moments he struggled free of their rage, and Harry saw the mask of humanity in rags and the truth glistening bloodily beneath.

They had held it, fought it, fought it well and hard for weeks, not only bloodily repelling the barbarians' every assault, but with their bombards, cannon, engines, calivers, and crossbows making it deadly dangerous for the savage victors to mass anywhere within range of the walls of that castle.