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Bloodgood is a Christian metal band from Seattle, Washington. Originally formed in 1984 and by 1988 represented one of the four largest Christian metal bands (excluding the mainstream success Stryper) alongside Barren Cross, Whitecross, and Leviticus.

Bloodgood became known for their "go-for-broke attitude about showmanship", displaying attitudes and imagery that brought them into collision with some on the extreme Christian right. In a 1998 retrospective, Christian music critic Brian Quincy Newcomb would write that "Bloodgood's ministry and music was a vital stepping stone in the maturing process of Christian rock."

Bloodgood (disambiguation)

Bloodgood may refer to:

  • Bloodgood, a Christian metal band named for bassist Michael Bloodgood, or their 1986 eponymous album.
  • Clara Bloodgood stage actress
  • Claude Bloodgood, a chess player.
  • Lt. Col. Edward Bloodgood of the Union Army; fought at the Battle of Brentwood.
  • Elbert Bloodgood, American football player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Green Bay Packers.
  • Moon Bloodgood, an actress and model.
  • A. palmatum 'Bloodgood', a cultivar of Japanese Maple with dark red foliage and stems