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n. (plural of bloodbird English)

Usage examples of "bloodbirds".

The dull booming of the far-off mouth-creatures still could be heard, and the wild piercing cries of the bloodbirds above it.

We have had the rat-wolves, the bloodbirds, the fireburs, the leather-wings, almost every day some new creature to fend off.

She had given them over to a world of bloodbirds and fireburs and things whose mouths gaped like caverns.

As Torlyri returned to the camp she saw a flock overhead of the creatures that Thaggoran had named bloodbirds, which had swarmed upon them more than once far back in the plains, trying to pierce the marchers with their beaks.

It seemed to him that they were the fierce white-eyed things that were called bloodbirds, which had plagued the tribe far back when they had crossed the plains.