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blood relations

n. (blood relation English)

Blood Relations (play)

Blood Relations is a psychological murder mystery written by Sharon Pollock. The play is based on historical fact and speculation surrounding the life of Lizzie Borden and the murders of her father and stepmother, crimes with which Borden was charged.

Blood Relations

Blood Relations or Blood Relation may refer to:

  • Blood Relations (play), a play by Sharon Pollock, based on the life of Lizzie Borden
  • Blood Relations: Chosen Families in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, an academic book analyzing the two television series
  • Blood Relation (film), a 1963 South Korean film
  • "Blood Relation" (Medium), an episode from season three of the American television series, Medium

Usage examples of "blood relations".

They might be accomplices, lovers, or even blood relations-in an old school ID photo they'd found overlooked in his desk, Bosch appeared extremely young, defiant, and faintly Asian.

Although Joss and Robbie, the children of her late brother, were her only blood relations, May Martin's money came entirely from the man she had married comparatively late in her life and very late in his, Sir Ludwig Martin, founder of LudMart.

The truth was that Joel, as most of Ida's blood relations, couldn't stand her.

His quick mind narrowed down the possibilities,eliminating blood relations and those in service since earlychildhood.

Braden had accepted and dismissed his agents' reports without question, for of what importance was the fate of distant, mixed-blood relations when the rest of the world lay in the palm of his hand, the perfect mate shared his bed, and the Cause was his to shape and bring to triumph?

It is, in effect, a holograph will and testament, quite incontestable by any of his blood relations.

The Lord of the Minwanabi was a stalwart in the War Party, headed by the Warlord, and the Lord of the Anasati was the central figure in the Imperial Party, a position of high prestige because it was limited to blood relations of the Emperor.