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blood money
▪ It had been financed by blood money, blood money from the wealthy parents of Charles's dead wife.
▪ Senator Jackson said this was blood money and an outrage.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Blood money

Blood \Blood\ (bl[u^]d), n. [OE. blod, blood, AS. bl[=o]d; akin to D. bloed, OHG. bluot, G. blut, Goth. bl[=o][thorn], Icel. bl[=o][eth], Sw. & Dan. blod; prob. fr. the same root as E. blow to bloom. See Blow to bloom.]

  1. The fluid which circulates in the principal vascular system of animals, carrying nourishment to all parts of the body, and bringing away waste products to be excreted. See under Arterial.

    Note: The blood consists of a liquid, the plasma, containing minute particles, the blood corpuscles. In the invertebrate animals it is usually nearly colorless, and contains only one kind of corpuscles; but in all vertebrates, except Amphioxus, it contains some colorless corpuscles, with many more which are red and give the blood its uniformly red color. See Corpuscle, Plasma.

  2. Relationship by descent from a common ancestor; consanguinity; kinship.

    To share the blood of Saxon royalty.
    --Sir W. Scott.

    A friend of our own blood.

    Half blood (Law), relationship through only one parent.

    Whole blood, relationship through both father and mother. In American Law, blood includes both half blood, and whole blood.

  3. Descent; lineage; especially, honorable birth; the highest royal lineage.

    Give us a prince of blood, a son of Priam.

    I am a gentleman of blood and breeding.

  4. (Stock Breeding) Descent from parents of recognized breed; excellence or purity of breed.

    Note: In stock breeding half blood is descent showing one half only of pure breed. Blue blood, full blood, or warm blood, is the same as blood.

  5. The fleshy nature of man.

    Nor gives it satisfaction to our blood.

  6. The shedding of blood; the taking of life, murder; manslaughter; destruction.

    So wills the fierce, avenging sprite, Till blood for blood atones.

  7. A bloodthirsty or murderous disposition. [R.]

    He was a thing of blood, whose every motion Was timed with dying cries.

  8. Temper of mind; disposition; state of the passions; -- as if the blood were the seat of emotions.

    When you perceive his blood inclined to mirth.

    Note: Often, in this sense, accompanied with bad, cold, warm, or other qualifying word. Thus, to commit an act in cold blood, is to do it deliberately, and without sudden passion; to do it in bad blood, is to do it in anger. Warm blood denotes a temper inflamed or irritated. To warm or heat the blood is to excite the passions. Qualified by up, excited feeling or passion is signified; as, my blood was up.

  9. A man of fire or spirit; a fiery spark; a gay, showy man; a rake.

    Seest thou not . . . how giddily 'a turns about all the hot bloods between fourteen and five and thirty?

    It was the morning costume of a dandy or blood.

  10. The juice of anything, especially if red.

    He washed . . . his clothes in the blood of grapes.
    --Gen. xiix.

  11. Note: Blood is often used as an adjective, and as the first part of self-explaining compound words; as, blood-bespotted, blood-bought, blood-curdling, blood-dyed, blood-red, blood-spilling, blood-stained, blood-warm, blood-won. Blood baptism (Eccl. Hist.), the martyrdom of those who had not been baptized. They were considered as baptized in blood, and this was regarded as a full substitute for literal baptism. Blood blister, a blister or bleb containing blood or bloody serum, usually caused by an injury. Blood brother, brother by blood or birth. Blood clam (Zo["o]l.), a bivalve mollusk of the genus Arca and allied genera, esp. Argina pexata of the American coast. So named from the color of its flesh. Blood corpuscle. See Corpuscle. Blood crystal (Physiol.), one of the crystals formed by the separation in a crystalline form of the h[ae]moglobin of the red blood corpuscles; h[ae]matocrystallin. All blood does not yield blood crystals. Blood heat, heat equal to the temperature of human blood, or about 981/2 [deg] Fahr. Blood horse, a horse whose blood or lineage is derived from the purest and most highly prized origin or stock. Blood money. See in the Vocabulary. Blood orange, an orange with dark red pulp. Blood poisoning (Med.), a morbid state of the blood caused by the introduction of poisonous or infective matters from without, or the absorption or retention of such as are produced in the body itself; tox[ae]mia. Blood pudding, a pudding made of blood and other materials. Blood relation, one connected by blood or descent. Blood spavin. See under Spavin. Blood vessel. See in the Vocabulary. Blue blood, the blood of noble or aristocratic families, which, according to a Spanish prover, has in it a tinge of blue; -- hence, a member of an old and aristocratic family. Flesh and blood.

    1. A blood relation, esp. a child.

    2. Human nature.

      In blood (Hunting), in a state of perfect health and vigor.

      To let blood. See under Let.

      Prince of the blood, the son of a sovereign, or the issue of a royal family. The sons, brothers, and uncles of the sovereign are styled princes of the blood royal; and the daughters, sisters, and aunts are princesses of the blood royal.

Blood money

Blood money \Blood" mon`ey\

  1. Money paid to the next of kin of a person who has been killed by another.

  2. Money obtained as the price, or at the cost, of another's life; -- said of a reward for supporting a capital charge, of money obtained for betraying a fugitive or for committing murder, or of money obtained from the sale of that which will destroy the purchaser.

blood money

n. 1 money obtained at the cost of another's life. 2 Money paid (as by a killer or the killer's clan) to the family of a person who has been killed.

blood money
  1. n. compensation paid to the family of a murdered person

  2. a reward for information about a murderer

  3. paid to a hired murderer

Blood Money (Tom Waits album)

Blood Money is an album by Tom Waits, released in 2002 on the ANTI- label.

The album contains songs written for the play Woyzeck, based on the play of the same name by Georg Büchner. The theatrical adaptation was directed by Robert Wilson, with whom Waits had worked on two previous plays: The Black Rider and Alice, both of which resulted in soundtrack albums. The latter was released simultaneously in 2002 with Blood Money. The play premiered at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen in November 2000.

The song "God's Away on Business" is featured in the film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005).

The song "Misery is the River of the World" is featured in the X-Files episode "Babylon" which aired on the 16th of February 2016

This album ranked at #18 in Metacritic's Top 30 albums of 2002.

Blood money

Blood money may refer to:

  • Blood money (restitution), money paid to the next of kin of a murder victim as a fine
  • Thirty pieces of silver, in the New Testament, the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus
  • Weregild, in English history, reparational payment usually demanded of a person guilty of homicide or other wrongful death
  • The money earned for contract killing
Blood money (restitution)

Blood money, also called bloodwit, is money or some sort of compensation paid by an offender (usually a murderer) or his/her family group to the family or kin group of the victim.

Blood Money (video game)

Blood Money is a side-scrolling shooter video game developed by DMA Design. It was published by Psygnosis in 1989 for the Amiga, Atari ST and DOS, and in 1990 for the Commodore 64. The game is set in four different locations on a planet, where players are tasked with attacking the enemies and defeating the bosses.

The game began development immediately after Menace, and borrowed similar gameplay elements. The development team used advanced hardware to develop Blood Money, utilising improved graphical and technological processes. The game was inspired by the presentation of Mr. Heli, and the animations of Blood Money would later inspire the development of Lemmings. The game was released to positive reviews; praise was given to the game's graphics and gameplay. The game was also commercially successful, selling over 40,000 copies.

Blood Money (Angel)

"Blood Money" is episode 12 of season two in the television show Angel, originally broadcast on the WB network. In this episode, demon snitch Merl reveals Wolfram & Hart is scheming to steal money from contributions made to a shelter for runaways, prompting Angel to investigate the shelter's owner, Anne Steele. Meanwhile, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn, still fighting demons on their own, decide to form their own detective/protection agency.

Blood Money (Mobb Deep album)

Blood Money is the seventh studio album by hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, released on May 2, 2006. It is the group's first and only album on G-Unit & Interscope Records. It features guest appearances by several G-Unit artists, including G-Unit members 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and affiliate Nyce. The album also features artists such as Mary J. Blige and Nate Dogg. Blood Money is the first Mobb Deep studio album to not feature rapper Big Noyd.

Blood Money (1917 film)

Blood Money is a 1917 Western film directed by Fred Kelsey and starring Harry Carey.

Blood Money (1921 film)

Blood Money is a 1921 British- Dutch silent crime film directed by Fred Goodwins. The film is also known as The Harper's Mystery.

Blood Money (1933 film)

Blood Money is a 1933 American Pre-Code crime drama about a crooked bail bondsman named Bill Bailey, played by George Bancroft, with Chick Chandler as crime boss Drury Darling, Judith Anderson as Drury's sister and Bailey's lover, and Frances Dee as a thrill-seeking, larcenous beauty who fatefully catches Bailey's eye.

This marked the film debut of Anderson (better known for her next role, housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in the 1940 Rebecca). The film was considered to be lost for nearly forty years before reappearing.

Blood Money (Lord Infamous album)

Blood Money is another Black Rain Entertainment release from Lord Infamous, T-Rock & II Tone. All of the songs feature Lord Infamous, T-Rock, and II Tone. "Love My Whip" featuring Chamillionaire was released as a single. A remix to this song was put on Lord's Futuristic Rowdy Bounty Hunter cd. The songs "Been Bout It" and "Niggas Like You" are also featured on the Rowdy Bounty Hunter cd. Nasty Nardo is featured on the newest version of "Been Bout It."

Blood Money (1980 film)

Blood Money is a 1980 Australian feature film about two criminal brothers.

The movie was partially funded by the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission.

Blood Money (TV series)

Blood Money is a British television serial written by Arden Winch and produced by the BBC in 1981.

The series starred Michael Denison as Captain Percival, an operative of British Special Intelligence, who works with Scotland Yard to solve the kidnapping of the young son of the Administrator General of the United Nations by a terrorist cell.

The six-part serial was produced by Gerard Glaister, previously responsible for the Second World War drama series Secret Army. Blood Money also reunited a number of former Secret Army cast members - Bernard Hepton played the Chief Superintendent of the police force who worked with Captain Percival, while Juliet Hammond-Hill and Stephen Yardley also appeared as two of the terrorists.

The character of Captain Percival later appeared in two more BBC thriller serials - Skorpion in 1983, involving the pursuit of an assassin in Scotland, and Cold Warrior in 1984, an eight-part collection of individual stories.

Blood Money (2012 film)

Blood Money is a 2012 Bollywood crime thriller film directed by Vishal Mahadkar and produced by Mahesh Bhatt. The film stars Kunal Khemu opposite Amrita Puri in lead roles. It released on 30 March 2012, and received mostly positive response from critics. Blood Money managed to perform above average business at the box office. Many critics compared the film to the Blood Diamond (2006), The Devil's Advocate (1997), The Firm (1993) and to Bhatt's earlier directorial film Naam (1986).

Blood Money (Breaking Bad)

"Blood Money" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad, and the 55th overall episode of the series. Written by Peter Gould and directed by Bryan Cranston, it aired on AMC in the United States and Canada on August 11, 2013 as the mid-season premiere.

The episode received high critical acclaim, with critics praising the flashforward scene in the beginning, the ending scene and the performances from Bryan Cranston and Dean Norris. For his performance in the episode, Norris was called "Performer of the Week" by TVLine.

Usage examples of "blood money".

Both conversos, those who converted willingly and Jews who only converted for appearances, were tolerated for the blood money they paid until King Filipe of Spain inherited the throne in Lisbon.

I want it blue, I want it royal, I want the best blood money can buy.

He desperately hoped that Da'Kal's blood money would mollify the Du'Rog family, but he didn't think it would.

That's blood money from junkies, and I wouldn't take it if you begged me!