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blood kinship

n. related by blood [syn: consanguinity, cognation] [ant: affinity]

Usage examples of "blood kinship".

It is considered that the cayote, and the obscene bird, and the Indian of the desert, testify their blood kinship with each other in that they live together in the waste places of the earth on terms of perfect confidence and friendship, while hating all other creature and yearning to assist at their funerals.

How can you tear me from not just my bond-beast but the woman who shares that Old Blood kinship with me?

The archers had set aside their bows, and swords had been sheathed, but I could feel their watchful eyes, sense strongly their unease not only for Murri within their camp, handicapped as he was, but also for me since I had claimed blood kinship with their ancient enemy.

The jawline, the eyes, the length of their limbs they were not identical by any means, but close enough that blood kinship was inescapable.