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blood corpuscles

n. (blood corpuscle English)

Usage examples of "blood corpuscles".

Therefore, down on cellular level, your white blood corpuscles and antigens are waging relentless, violent war on invaders.

On blood corpuscles, see 'Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science,' April 1874, p.

Meantime, a little drop of what we fancy will help keep the old blood corpuscles trudging around.

This is, briefly, that the blood corpuscles in man average one-thirty-three hundredths of an inch in diameter.

The blood corpuscles had been clumped and removed by one compound plus the filter, and the anticoagulant had neatly modified most of the others.

This causes the vessels to become a bit leakier, a condition that in turn may allow fluid to collect in damaged areas, forming blisters, while also allowing white blood corpuscles to get out of the blood vessels more easily and collect at these sites.

This toxin tears up your liver, dissolves blood corpuscles, causes hemorrhaging in the digestive tract.

After two hours Gusterson realized that he and his guides were becoming part of a general movement of people, a flow as mindless as that of blood corpuscles through the veins, yet at the same time dimly purposeful—.

In and out they made their way among the blood corpuscles each like a dart aimed at life itself.

One suffocates, so to speak, even though he may breathe fully throughout his lungs-for what good are lungs filled with oxygen when there are no red blood corpuscles to transport the oxygen to the organs that require it?