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blood clots

n. (blood clot English)

Usage examples of "blood clots".

An assortment of medications were being dumped into her bloodstream first heparin to prevent blood clots.

He paid attention to the smallest detail, removing blood clots and reducing the swelling as if the injury had never been.

When presently, in the continued process of washing, most of these blood clots were dislodged, there appeared beneath them the unmistakable signs of pink, fresh scarring, as if some healing process of near-miraculous rapidity had begun before death supervened.

At the end of the day the nurses stuck the full bottles into the freezers and I squeezed blood clots out of the rubber tubes in the nearest crapper.

I was usually sober but I pretended the blood clots were tiny fish or pretty little bugs which kept my lunch down.

Two inches of the shattered humerus protruded from dark bruises and blood clots.

The creature holding him laughed, hacking out blood clots from his ruptured lungs.

Grandma wouldn't die of this one episode, of course, but Alea felt certain there were other blood clots waiting to break free into her bloodstream and hit her brain.

That was good, 'cause sitting for a long time on a plane trip could cause blood clots in your legs.

A few blood clots were sucked out from the vaginal vault with the suction machine.

In the glens beside Tysan's seacoast, a boar's blood clots in matted grass.

Any patient immobilized for long periods was in jeopardy of developing blood clots that could break loose and spin through the body, lodge in the heart or brain, killing him or causing substantial brain damage, though Jack was medicated to reduce the danger of that complication, it was the one that most deeply concerned him.

After his heart attack, the doctors had injected him with nanos that included a niacin module to lower his cholesterol levels, agents to dissolve blood clots and improve circulation, and beta-blockers to reduce his blood pressure and heart rate.