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blood clot

n. A mass of coagulated red blood cells, white blood cells(,) and platelets in a network of fibrin; a thrombus.

blood clot

n. a semisolid mass of coagulated red and white blood cells [syn: grume]

Blood clot
  1. Redirect Thrombus

Usage examples of "blood clot".

If it was a tiny blood clot in the brain, a lesion, or some other malady of the flesh, medical science would take care of it posthaste.

The blood clot was miniscule, scarcely visible, and he drew it out, painstakingly and gently.

By the time Rabbit got home, the blood clot was hardened from the warmth of his body, so, being hungry, it put Mr.

Disgusted with the way things had turned out, he grabbed up the blood clot and threw it up through the hole.