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Blondy may refer to:


  • J. T. "Blondy" Black (1920–2000), professional American football player
  • Thomas Graydon (1881-1949), American football player
  • John Romig (1898-1984), American middle-distance runner
  • Blondy Ryan (1906–1959), American Major League Baseball shortstop
  • Blondy Wallace (died 1937), early professional football player


  • Alpha Blondy (born 1953), African reggae singer and international recording artist
  • Michel Blondy (1675–1739), French choreographer and dancer
Blondy (1976 film)

Blondy (aka Blondie) is a 1976 erotic thriller film.

It was also known as Germacide and Vortex.

It was shot in Paris in September 1975.