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n. (plural of blond English)

Blonds (band)

Blonds (often stylized as BLONDS) were an American indie pop duo formed in 2011 in Treasure Coast, Florida, consisting of Jordy Asher and Cari Rae.

Blonds released their debut album, The Bad Ones on August 7, 2012.

Usage examples of "blonds".

Let's see if they go on backing Avram's plan to crush us into the dust and free all our blonds from the land after they've spent a while bleeding.

That did nothing to improve his opinion of blonds, and especially of unsubdued blonds.

I don't know what the devils we're going to do with all these northern blonds if they aren't going to be serfs any more.

George added, "These northern blonds, you must recall, have been raised as serfs.

Here in the north, Detinans were so used to thinking of their serfs as hewers of wood and drawers of water, they too readily forgot blonds were men like any others, with eyes to see, wits to think, and tongues to speak.

He went on, "We do try to keep as many blonds from escaping as we can, you know.

The Detinans' ancestors had crossed the Western Ocean centuries before, and promptly subjected the kingdoms full of blonds they found in the north of this new land—and the more scattered hunters and farmers who lived farther south.

The campaigns were monotonously one-sided, from which the Detinans inferred that blonds were and always would be a pack of spineless cowards.

The blonds' gods had been as thoroughly beaten as their former votaries.

By everything he'd seen and heard, there weren't a whole lot of Detinans—ordinary, gods-fearing Detinans, they would surely call themselves—who didn't say such things in places where they didn't think blonds could hear.

But Smitty didn't mock blonds when Rollant could hear him, which put him up on a lot of his countrymen.

When we get done licking the northerners with them helping, folks'll have a lot harder time saying blonds can't fight.

The Detinans had spent centuries forcing blonds down, and then wondered that they didn't leap to their feet at once when no longer held down by laws.

He felt a certain amount of responsibility for what had happened, because he'd found the two blonds and their children near Rising Rock after they'd fled their liege lord.

Detinans—ordinary Detinans—didn't take kindly to the idea of obeying orders from blonds.