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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blondness \Blond"ness\, n. The state of being blond.
--G. Eliot.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1842, from blond (adj.) + -ness.


n. The characteristic of being blond.


n. the property of having a naturally light complexion [syn: paleness, fairness]

Usage examples of "blondness".

His clear blue eyes under the dark brows and framed by the dark lashes, seemed a deeper blue, and accentuated the blondness of hair and skin.

It was an especially masculine good looks that Noah and Simon got from my Uncle Alfred-broad shoulders, big bones, a heavy jaw-and from my Aunt Martha the boys got their blondness, and their aristocracy.

But the broad shoulders, the big bones, and the heavy jaw-these were less attractive on Hester, who did not receive either my aunt's blondness or her aristocracy.

Every morning, the son stood there, erect and taut with life, gleaming in his blondness.

The gleaming blondness of his strange, imminent being put the father into a fever of fretful irritation.

         Following the psychic current to its source, he found Freya Baldursson in the Mound of Venus, resplendent in her superhero garb of black spandex bodysuit and rune-embroidered baseball cap, the contrast merely emphasizing her dazzling, almost inhuman blondness, a look calculated to tickle the eye of either gender.

A pert hat scarcely concealed the bright blondness of the girl’s hair.

It was merely an incredible blondness that would have made girls of the platinum-hair era green with several kinds of envy.

Though her eyes were not a dark brown her otherwise pure blondness made them seem dark.

She was as different from Thea's soft blondness as night from day and it was her beauty which kept getting them in trouble, but Thea couldn't help loving her.

Vivienne was wearing a black dress that made her hair look like flame, and Selene was in deep violet that showed off her blondness.

The rich, bright colors of Zehava's day had been replaced by deep greens and blues that complimented Sioned's fire-gold looks and Rohan's blondness.

He thought of Ann on Riverside Drive, crisp and well-groomed in her blondness.

Your wonderful blondness has been wonderful and I shall always remember you that way.