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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1857, from blond (adj.) + -ish.


a. 1 Somewhat blond in colour. 2 Similar to a stereotypical dumb blonde.

Usage examples of "blondish".

Blondish, exactly the right height-to-weight Quartel Index from working at her figure in pools and leotards, exactly the right height, clothes, teeth, attitude.

The cultists were thought at first to be Druze, blondish, some of them blue-eyeda Muslim sect living in the mountains in the southern part of the country.

Her natural color was kind of blondish, but within two weeks of joining Great Bods she went golden blond, with pale streaks.

The Lemos Lord Holder was tall and slightly stooped in the shoulder, with a full head of blondish hair, slightly dampened from his riding helmet.