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n. 1 (plural of blonde English) 2 (qualifier: collective noun) A group of females all having blonde colored hair.

Blondes (John Stewart album)

Blondes is a studio album released in 1982 by folk musician John Stewart, former member of the Kingston Trio. The LP was released with slightly different track listings in the US and in Sweden.

The liner notes of the US release states:

"This record is dedicated to John S. Stewart"

The Swedish album was released on Polydor and is credited to "John Stewart with Chuck McDermott". The Swedish release contains remixes of all the songs from the US release except "Angeles" which is not included at all. It also contains the following additional songs: "All The Desperate Men", "Same Old Heart" and "When The Night Was Ours".

Blondes (Have More Fun)

"Blondes (Have More Fun)" is a song written by Rod Stewart and Jim Cregan that was originally released as the title track of Stewart's 1978 album Blondes Have More Fun. In some countries it was released as the third single off the album, following " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and " Ain't Love a Bitch". It only reached the Top 70 in the UK, topping out at #63 but reached #23 in Ireland. The song was covered by Vince Neil on the Japanese version of his album Exposed.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic described the song as being a "winning track" in the same mold as "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Ain't Love a Bitch". The Beaver County Times described the song as "a rollicking Chuck Berry-style rocker, complete with honky-tonk piano." CD Review magazine described the song as a "barrelhouse rocker." The Albany Herald wrote that the "hardrocking" song is one of the highlights among the songs of "up and down love affairs" on the Blondes Have More Fun album. Author Sharon Davis described the song as Stewart's last hit before 1983's " Baby Jane." Graham Hicks of the Edmonton Journal described a live performance of the song as a "rhythm and blues number", blaming the production for what he considered the blandness of the recorded version. Critic Dave Tianen rated the song as Stewarts 4th worst (two notches better than 2nd place "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy," saying that it "would almost be beneath RuPaul." But critic Mark Brown considered it to be "wonderful." "Blondes (Have More Fun)" was included on Rod Stewart's live video Live at the L.A. Forum. A live version was also included on the 2014 album Live 1976-1998: Tonight's the Night.

Blondes (band)

Blondes is a New York City-based electronic duo. The band consists of Sam Haar and Zach Steinman. The group is signed to RVNG Intl.

Blondes (Blondes album)

Blondes is the debut full-length album by American electronic duo Blondes, released on February 7, 2012 by RVNG Intl. Critical reception was generally favorable, most notably that of Sean Adams, founder of Drowned in Sound, who lauded the album in a 10/10 review.

Usage examples of "blondes".

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After all, if Hawthorne uires these blondes, every month, there must be some source supply.

They invent the story about the blondes, because they o a newspaper will respond.

First there are the blondes - all the women Hawthorne allegedly meets.

How Hawthorne showed those pictures of blondes to Lise and asked her to choose?

But even so, when he gets bored with the girls, with the blondes, he always comes back to me.

We should have come armed with charming blondes and a couple of jugs to salve our conscience.

He was busy, as usual, and he appeared to be taking a photograph of a holiday trio, two plump blondes in tight slacks and brassieres, with a flushed lout wriggling between them.

The man with the smile was still there, and so was a little seedy man with a cap and a watch-chain, and two plump blondes in slacks.

At any rate I found myself following one of the blondes and a sailor who I felt was new to me, unless, of course, it was not the same blonde but another just like her.

You see it round my way sometimes, the dead blondes in the scarred pubs .