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BlogTV is a live-streaming video blog service which was reintroduced by MadCow Media LLC, in January, 2016. BlogTV was first formed in Tel-Aviv, Israel in June 2004 by founders Guy Eliav, Nir Ofir and Oren Levy as a webcasting company. Its then goals were to supply anyone with internet access a way to express their talents and ideas to the world. In 2016 BlogTV opened its Canadian equivalent, was officially launched in June 2007 to America and the rest of the world. Users could create live video shows, interact with their audiences or invite co-hosts (adults only) to join their show over the internet or by using WAP. The broadcaster can broadcast to its audience with a webcam. The platform also included a chat system. The site had a promotional partnership with ICQ which is an IM type platform. was acquired by YouNow on March 13, 2013 and on 27 March 2013, closed down, to make way for YouNow.

On January 26, 2016, it was announced that BlogTV would become active again under, by new owners, Madcow Media, LLC. is currently active with a status bar, showing potential progress on a new platform.