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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

children's wooden building toys, 1821, from block (n.).


n. (plural of block English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: block)

Blocks (C language extension)

Blocks are a non-standard extension added by Apple Inc. to Clang's implementations of the C, C++, and Objective-C programming languages that uses a lambda expression-like syntax to create closures within these languages. Blocks are supported for programs developed for Mac OS X 10.6+ and iOS 4.0+, although third-party runtimes allow use on Mac OS X 10.5 and iOS 2.2+ and non-Apple systems.

Apple designed blocks with the explicit goal of making it easier to write programs for the Grand Central Dispatch threading architecture, although it is independent of that architecture and can be used in much the same way as closures in other languages. Apple has implemented blocks both in their own branch of the GNU Compiler Collection and in the upstream Clang LLVM compiler front end. Language runtime library support for blocks is also available as part of the LLVM project. The Khronos group uses blocks syntax to enqueue kernels from within kernels as of version 2.0 of OpenCL.

Like function definitions, blocks can take arguments, and declare their own variables internally. Unlike ordinary C function definitions, their value can capture state from their surrounding context. A block definition produces an opaque value which contains both a reference to the code within the block and a snapshot of the current state of local stack variables at the time of its definition. The block may be later invoked in the same manner as a function pointer. The block may be assigned to variables, passed to functions, and otherwise treated like a normal function pointer, although the application programmer (or the API) must mark the block with a special operator (Block_copy) if it's to be used outside the scope in which it was defined.

Given a block value, the code within the block can be executed at any later time by calling it, using the same syntax that would be used for calling a function.

Usage examples of "blocks".

Feel free to mix and match the Zone Food Blocks within each macronutrient group as long as they add up to your required numbers at the end of the meal.

Chinese-style organic tofu is readily available in vacuum-packed one-pound blocks in refrigerated tubs.

Also note that each recipe contains the number of Zone Food Blocks for each ingredient.

These Zone Food Blocks, which are explained in greater detail in Chapter 7, allow you to make ingredient changes without affecting the hormonal response to the meal.

You can leave beans out of recipe and replace them with a side of fruit salad containing 2 blocks of carbohydrate.

American male, who needs about 30 grams of protein per meal, the calculation of Zone Food Blocks is the same.

Zone is all about balancing the foods you eat, you can probably guess how many carbohydrate and fat blocks you need if you have three protein blocks.

If you have four protein blocks, you would have four fat blocks and four carbohydrate blocks.

Stop adding the Zone Blocks when you reach your total required number for that meal.

Commercially, tofu is pressed into blocks with various amounts of water.

Zone Protein Blocks, three Zone Carbohydrate Blocks, and three Zone Fat Blocks.

For the typical male, each Soy Zone meal consists of four Zone Protein Blocks, four Zone Carbohydrate Blocks, and four Zone Fat Blocks.

The younger boy ran his hand lovingly over the irregular roughhewn blocks of its walls.

Lesser craftsmen were confined to making routine blocks for smaller houses and paving stones for the streets.

The solid blocks gave out a bell-like sound, the defective ones a dull thud.