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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blocklike \Block"like`\, a. Like a block; stupid.


a. Having an oblong shape

Usage examples of "blocklike".

A strong, slow-moving, blocklike species with no appendages, and adapted to a gravity higher than Earth.

Bohack placed me in an unpainted blocklike chair and then left the room.

Fay, the representative of the Institute of Knowledge on the expedition as well as weapons and security officer, was another blocklike Jinxian with a penetrating voice.

They moved through red-brown mist toward an indistinct, low structure, blocklike, with a flat roof.

Her legs were solid, and her ankles were stout, and her feet were blocklike, small and square, with rounded toes that looked like little bleached pebbles, shiny and white.

A few low domes protruded through the greenery, and a stubby blocklike building rose from a grove of trees in the distance.

But as Hresh continued he began to make out a blocklike object, high and broad, sitting in his path far up in the dimness.

He has the squat, blocklike build and look of a football linebacker from the early sixties.

The solid, blocklike Manfred grinned, revealing slightly skew solid blocklike teeth in a jaw whose musculature matched the rest of him.

A man in a yellow hard hat directed it up over the curb and through the parking lot, and he could see the man high up in the cab changing gears and clutching with one blocklike foot.

The city spread out before them, marching in neat ranks of low, blocklike buildings to the distant horizon.

Reddish brown with a thick ruff of hair about its blocklike head, its teeth glistened malevolently in the uncertain light.

They remembered her solid bulk, her blocklike island, and it seemed impossible that bombs and torpedoes could wreck her.