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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blockish \Block"ish\, a. Like a block; deficient in understanding; stupid; dull. ``Blockish Ajax.''
--Shak. -- Block"ish*ly, adv. -- Block"ish*ness, n.


a. 1 Like a block in shape or nature; coming across as a block. 2 Lacking understanding; stupid; obtuse; dull. 3 rude; clumsy; rough.


adj. resembling a block in shape [syn: blocky]

Usage examples of "blockish".

What a preposterous glut of paper and ink he has amassed, loose leaves and envelopes and journals with spines and notebooks sewn with string, all neatly filled with his blockish, inelegant handwriting, all annotated with symbols in his own private code, signifying such things as further study needed or but is this really true?

England, was passed, while not at Buckingham Palace, or elsewhere, in the smiddy of a somewhat blockish blacksmith, who has been unfortunate in business, and with whom Dawson discovered an infinite fund of fellow-feeling.

There came a thin, tenor voice, out of key with the blockish figure that the Image man had produced.

It is a cheap handbill, covered with large blockish script: Announcing the services of Forgemaster Inks tain and his wondrous printing device!

Throughout the day the carpenters had slaved over the building of the rafts, and though they were far from elegant, Theido was relieved to discover that the crude, blockish platforms floated well enough.

Oh, I thought to see a brief flicker of moving, brown water, flanked by square, blockish buildings, for an eye-blink of time overlying the hall and grounds, but then it was goneif ever it was in anything or anyplace other than my memory-nudged mind.

His octopus solidifies into a squat, blockish maroon blob obscuring half his face while simultaneouslythrough some arcane alchemy of facial expression interacting with the nano-tattooconveys bullish obstinacy.

Slabberdegullion druggels, lubbardly louts, blockish grutnols, doddipol joltheads, lobdotterels, codshead loobies, ninny-hammer flycatchers, and other suchlike defamatory epithets!

A blockish head, broad features, three rubylike eyes set beneath an overhanging brow.