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a. (en-comparative of: blocky)

Usage examples of "blockier".

His hands were blockier, and his body seemed more tensed, but he was still the same kid.

Kantor was far more muscular, his head perhaps a bit blockier, his neck arched and strong, his hindquarters and chest definitely deeper and with fantastically developed muscles.

From the rest of the lamplit gloom his eyes picked out a pallet on the groundsheet of the tent, hooks on the central pole of the tent for clothing and weapons, a chest with her name and rank stenciled on it in the blockier form of Nantukhtar writing.

Anakin could see them now, the silver dots taking on recognizable shape, transforming into Naboo starfighters, spread out against the blackness, approaching the larger, blockier form of the Federation battleship.

Threepio, reaching down to hand the basin to the older and blockier droid.

The same word, in white letters that got blockier as they stretched to the edge of the screen.

The English line tends to be smaller and stockier than the American line, with blockier heads and gentle, calm dispositions.

It was wider and blockier than the handful Alucius had seen with his grandfather, but its skin was the same sandy tan, if with fewer of the crystallike patches that reflected sunlight.

I could see the characteristic bubble-cluster shape of a Conurbation, but it looked dark, poorly maintained, while suburbs of blockier buildings had sprouted around it.

If he was a little taller than some, and blockier of build, she considered, that would account for the Wiggins side.