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n. (plural of bloat English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: bloat)

Usage examples of "bloats".

He took a life form native to Lex, the bloats, and tinkered with their DNA.

It's hard physically, because the medication makes my breasts sore and bloats my stomach and makes me sweat--and don't say I'd have the same symptoms if I were pregnant, because if I were pregnant, I wouldn't mind.

It's not my way to have gamblers, bloats, and jail-birds hanging around my place--'not if the court knows herself.

He pursed his lips unhappily and said, “We have maybe a day before it bloats and fills the whole cage and we have to dump it overboard, cage and all.

It would probably drive you insane to have psychic visions that told you in advance whether you were going to enjoy a particular movie, have a good dinner, or get a bad case of gas and the bloats from that garlicky angel-hair pasta that you were enjoying so much.

But as a group they scorn foresight and rely on a colorful, willful ignorance that brings them now and then to pick on a gas station whose owner works twelve hours a day on the premises, has his life savings tied up in the franchise, and whose body bloats with adrenaline at the prospect of being victimized by a gang of punks.